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Suzhou Laigui Textile Co., Ltd. is

china eco-friendly fabric manufacturers and recycled fabric suppliers

, located in Shengze, one of the capitals of silk which "produces 10,000 pieces of cloth daily and the clothes are sold all over the world". The company has scientific and rigorous management. Over the years, we have formed a professional and technical backbone team with the spirit of research, able to bear hardships and a strong fighting force, and continuously introduced young and promising professional and technical personnel, which provides a strong guarantee for improving the quality of products. The company mainly researches and produces textiles for clothing, bags, shopping bags, home textiles, outdoor products, etc. We vow to follow our founder’s beliefs and carry on the relentless pursuit of producing sustainable yet functional fabrics. The textiles we research and produce are used in apparel, bags, shopping bags, home textiles, outdoor products, etc.

Plant Area


Textile Equipment

50 +

Technical Staff

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  • Suzhou Laigui Textile Co., Ltd.

    Production Capacity

    Our annual output exceeds 50 million meters, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase volumes.

  • Comprehensive Service

    We have a series of finishing cooperation factories for dyeing, printing, coating, PVC, etc.

  • Convenient Transportation

    We are only 65 km away from Beilun port, which is very convenient to export by sea, and of course, other common transportation is also very convenient.

  • Suzhou Laigui Textile Co., Ltd.

    Quality Guarantee

    We have our own laboratory and well-known testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality.

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Our goal is to continue to create high-quality sustainable fabrics that better meet the daily business needs of our customers. We offer the knowledge and expertise to provide expert consultation and recommendations to ensure that the ideal fabric product is produced to meet your needs.


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Whether you want to become our partner or need our professional guidance or support in product selections and problem solutions, our experts are always ready to help within 12 hours globally.

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